3 Steps We Took To Help Purchase Our RV

Purchasing the RV was a hurdle for us. We didn’t have the down payment money we needed, nor could we afford an extra loan payment each month. To get closer to where we wanted to be financially, we took three key steps:

*We lowered our monthly bills.

The key to reducing your bills is simple. It’s all about making sacrifices.
First, we ditched our cable company and created a Netflix account. To me, this was a no brainer. It was a super smart move and we were able to save a lot of money and were plenty happy with all the different choices Netflix had to offer.

Next, we cancelled the majority of our monthly subscriptions. They add up each month and were serving no purpose to us in reaching our goal. I was sorry to see our satellite radio and Ancestry subscriptions go; but it just boils down to this…’ya gotta do, whatcha gotta do’.

On a side note, since then, I may or may not have re-subscribed to some of my favorites. On a second side note(πŸ˜‰), I always make sure I cancel or freeze my account if we have to crunch down for budgetary reasons.

Don’t forget the basics. Turn lights off, take shorter showers, and turn your thermostat up or down a few degrees depending on the season. You’ll acclimate…eventually πŸ™‚.

*We sold our belongings and got rid of the things we hadn’t used or worn in years.

Most of us have garages, attics, and sheds full of stuff. Some of us even pay each month to be able to store it all. Eventually we became tired of letting our things control us, plus, we needed the extra cash. We did some major downsizing and literally cashed in a few thousand dollars for our junk.

Anything we had not used in 3 or more months, we got rid of. I used Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Craigslist to sell it all. We sold our clothing, home dΓ©cor, and tools on Facebook Marketplace. Our collectibles and antiques were reserved for eBay, and we used Craigslist to sell our appliances and furniture. If you don’t like the idea of taking to the internet to sell your stuff, organize a yard sale!

Research your art, antiques, and collectibles before you sell it. You don’t want to undersell your valuables.

*We made a career change (think outside the box).

This was a huge step in the right direction for us. We were making decent money at our jobs, but it was just our cost of living that was killing us. The mortgage/rent, utilities, insurance, heating/cooling, internet, phones…you know the list as well as I. We landed a job to where we didn’t have to pay for any of that.

We took up a caretaking position that paid for all of our living expenses. (I’ll be talking about this subject more in my future posts.)
When we landed the job, we even negotiated for our moving expenses to be paid for. We signed a two-year contract and almost everything we made went straight into the bank. The job covered rent, utilities, heating/cooling, phones, cable, and Wi-Fi. It was a pretty sweet gig.

If you take these steps seriously, you’d be surprised with how much money you can actually make in a short period of time. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Don’t be scared to make a career change. Sometimes change is hard, but sometimes it is also necessary. Try not to fear the unknown and try to embrace change as a growing experience.

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