About Us

We’re Bre and Robert. We enjoy hitting the open road and have a huge love for discovering new places.

We’re a normal couple, with BIG dreams. We have an ultimate goal of travelling, working, and living in our RV full time. When I say ‘normal couple’ I mean, we have regular 9-5 jobs, we scrimp and save for our trips just like everybody else, and we live for the weekends and cherish vacation days away from our corporate jobs. Since we haven’t had much financial freedom, we’ve learned to travel on a budget and we wish to share some of our tips and tricks with you!

Currently, we’re planning an exit strategy. Over the past 9 years we’ve had some really amazing adventures and trips, but we’re learning that weekends and vacation days just isn’t cutting it. We want more. We want to grow, be fulfilled, and find purpose in our lives.

One thing I’ve noticed when it comes to RV and Travel & Adventure blogs: They’ve already made their transition and are already successful in their dream jobs. There’s countless success stories out there about how somebody gained the courage to quit their job to make money travelling the world. They’re photographers, bloggers, digital nomads, and free-lancers of all sorts.
I mean, that all sounds amazing. In fact, that sounds like the best job in the world to me. But all of the blogs and articles I have run across are about people who are already there. They’re already working their dream job. They’re already making money and travelling the globe. I personally wish there were more blogs and information out there about people going through that process, presently. So, since that is our ultimate goal, I’ll keep you updated on our progress and the steps we’re taking to reach that goal. 😉

I’ll be laying out the processes we’re currently taking to start our dream of living and working on the road. We have a lot of work ahead of us. We will experience victories and in turn, mistakes too; and all will be documented on this blog.

I’ll also be sharing information about the trips we’ve already taken. I’ll be giving suggestions on things to do in the area, places to see, and places to eat. I’ll be giving advice on what gear to bring, road trips (and trails) to take, and I’ll be sharing some pretty amazing photos we’ve captured too. Keep in mind, all of these activities were done on a budget…a really small budget 🙂.

We hope to give both inspiration and valuable information to our readers. My goal is to build a community of Trekkers who share similar goals and dreams. Not only are we looking to give inspiration, but we’re looking to get inspiration too. So, don’t be shy! Connect with us, start a conversation with us, and join us on our journey to trek the nation.

Meet Bre!

The voice behind the blog.

I have a HUGE sense of adventure and would rather spend my days exploring the great outdoors. I was born and raised in New Jersey, and am currently residing in Northeast Arkansas. I have recently rediscovered my love for writing and am on a mission to focus on a combination of both of my favorite hobbies- traveling and writing!

Some of my favorite things include: Loop trails, mountain biking, visiting historical places, road trips, and spending time with my best friend and travel partner, Robert. My other best friend (yes, you can have two!), is my doggy Micah, who you will be seeing a lot of on in this page 🙂 .

I’m goal driven, I go with the flow, and am most definitely free spirited at heart.

Meet Robert!

The mastermind behind each and every one of our routes.  He’s a corporate business man by day and photographer by night (and weekends too 🙂 ). 

He was born in Colorado, and grew up in Southern Missouri.  Robert has a huge love for both travel and photography.  

Robert is into long road trips, music, his art and photos, and he can throw down on some serious disc golf.  He has the huge responsibility of making sure we are prepared to safely leave on all our trips by conducting routine maintenance on our truck and RV, which is no small task. 

Robert has two boys, Brandon (17) and Bryan (16).  We’re both so super proud of them and you’ll be seeing both Brandon and Bryan adventuring along with us in this blog.