First Blog Post

Welcome to my first ever blog post!

My name is Bre, and the handsome guy in the picture is my fiancé, Robert. We are a pretty adventurous couple. We spend long weekends in our RV, road tripping is our favorite, and we love to go exploring. Discovering new places is how we get our thrill. We may visit an area within an hour from home or we may plan a spontaneous trip in a far off place. We’re free-spirited, we go with flow, and we’re a phenomenal team.

I’m super excited to be starting my blog, Trek The Nation. It gives me the opportunity to share our experiences with you. We have countless stories, photos, and videos that we’ve collected over the course of almost a decade. We’ve even landed an episode on a popular TV series called ‘Going RV’! Those are exactly some of the reasons why I thought it prime time to start this blog. Not only do I want to share my experiences with others, but I have a personal interest in documenting our journeys so we can reflect back on all of the fun memories we’ve made along the way :).

My purpose for this blog is to share our adventures, advice, knowledge, and even our mistakes and dreams. I’ll be giving reviews of our journeys, creating guides, and recommending things to do. I’ll share with you the research I have compiled over the years and give suggestions on places to eat and places to stay in all of the locations we have already explored!

I’m looking forward to you joining us on our journey. I hope you’re as excited as I am. Please, always feel free to comment and interact with me on my posts. I’d love to hear from those who have similar interests and hobbies. Don’t be shy!

Thanks for being a part of my first ever blog post.

Happy Trekking!


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